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The Trailhead Workshop

We don't just build and prepare new bikes at The Trailhead, we have a fully equipped workshop ready to take on any job from a puncture to a full frame bearing change or fork service. Please see our price list below and get in touch to book your beloved steed in.

Service Price List

Minimum labour charge £5
Labour per hour £30
Puncture, we fit a new tube (inc tube & labour) £10

Gear Service £20
Cable Brake service (inc inner cables) £20
Gear & Cable Brake service (inc inner cables) £35
Brake Bleed per brake £15
Brake Bleed, a pair £25
General Service (inc Gear & cable Brake service, inc inner cables, truing of wheels + full bolt check £45 add £10 for Disc brakes (£55)
Full Service (inc general service), brake bleed, Drive train degrease & lower fork service £75
Pro Service (inc Full service), brake bleed and full strip down and rebuild inc inner & outer cables £120 

Wheel Truing £10 plus spokes if needed
Wheel Build Silver (inc DT spokes) £45
Wheel Build Black (inc DT spokes) £55
Hub bearing replacement £10 front £20 rear
Headset Fit £10 (free on Hope & Chris King)
Fit Bottom Bracket £15 (free on Chris King & Hope)
Fit new Mech, Chain or Cassette £15
(Price is for labour only, parts are not included in the above Service prices unless stated)

Reverb Servicing
Post bleed £10
Button replacement & bleed (inc button) £60
Basic service inc seals £50 (full strip down, new oil, new basic seal kit)
Top cap bush replacement + £15 to service
Top cap wiper assembly replacement + £40 to service
Lower tube replacement inc tube £50 (ask  for size options)

Shock Servicing
Fox Rear Shock Sleeve service £20
Fox Rear shock (rp23, rp2, rp3, CTD) Service £116 (sent to Mojo Suspenion)
Shock Hardware Replacement £30 fitted both ends

Fork Servicing
Lower interim fork service £30 (reccomended every 3-6 months) all forks
Service inc genuine seals & oil £75 (32mm & 34mm & 36Forks)
Service in genuine seals & oil £85 (40mm Froks)
Rock Shox
Lower interim fork service £30 all forks
Service inc genuine seals & oil £75 (all forks except Pike & Boxxer)
Service inc genuine seals & oil £85 (Pike all sizes)
Service inc genuine seals & oil £90 (all Boxxer)
Full Service in genuine seals £85

Every bike service is different, if you feel your requirements are not listed above then please give us a ring and we can give you an accurate quote for the work you need doing.