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Commencal 21 Supreme Dh Ohlins X LARGE Ohlins Edition
Commencal 21 Supreme Dh Ohlins X LARGE Ohlins Edition

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SUPREME DH 29/27 - Everything. No compromises.

We have long been involved in the world of racing. DH is an exciting sport because it's very complex technically and tactically, both from the riding and mechanical sides. As competitors, we work to win! Prototype bikes, numerous development sessions, a technical team at races ... The World Cup circuit is an ideal lab for developing bikes, plus with 3 official teams and many independent riders, we make the most of it. Everything is changing very quickly in this sport; trends, riding styles, tracks and trails and of course, the bikes. So stay close to the action and the riders who are building the future!

Wheel size is always a reoccurring subject and one on which we are constantly working. This is a key parameter for the bike to match its rider perfectly. Our SUPREME DH platform has not stopped evolving since its birth and featured 26-inch wheels at first. Then 27.5 next. And in 2017, we started work on a 29-inch version of the SUPREME DH, which turned out to be a particularly interesting alternative to the 27.5 for the larger-build rider. The circle seemed to be complete... But in July 2018, the first rumours about a change in UCI regulations came about. We immediately began to look into it further. After a lot of work on the geometry and suspension in particular, we offered our riders a first prototype in November 2018. The first results were official; the bike does not compete with either the 27.5 or the 29-inch versions. Therefore, we decided to forget this option for the 2019 season and to make the two existing platforms as efficient as possible. Of course, at the same time we continued our research because scientifically, our engineers were convinced that this format had many advantages.

Thanks to a great deal of knowledge acquired during the 2019 season and also to a full year of additional work, in November 2019 we offered a new version of SUPREME DH 29/27 to the COMMENCAL / Muc-Off team riders. This time, the first feedback was encouraging; the bike was more stable and faster than a 27-inch, and more agile and dynamic than a 29-inch. Several months of lap times and data acquisition on a multitude of different tracks later, we came to the conclusion that this platform (even if it is perhaps not suitable for all sizes of rider) seems to be the ideal bike for many of our pro racers. Amaury PIERRON tops the list!

So, ready to join team COMMENCAL?


The SUPREME DH 29/27 OHLINS Edition is the big new edition to the SUPREME DH range! This very particular SUPREME build has a 'Heritage Green / Dark Green' paint job which perfectly matches with the black and yellow suspension details of the famous Swedish brand OHLINS. This bike is intended for the most committed riders. It is a true race model. We have the top level OHLINS TTX22M spring shock which is known for its sensitivity on small impacts and excellent compatibility. On the front, the DH38 Air is also their best competition fork thanks to its top precision, not least the efficient and easy hydraulic settings. What better way to stop this machine than powerful SHIMANO XT 4-piston brakes? Finally, the DT SWISS custom wheelset is designed specifically for this bike and features one of the strongest and most dynamic DH rims on the market today, the FR 560.


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